(Fix) I’m having trouble understanding right now

Here are 5 things to attempt: 

#1. Hold up a couple of hours and after that take a stab at asking Alexa something once more 

Every now and then, Alexa can go down because of an issue on Amazon's end. So if this is the first occasion when you experience this blunder message from Alexa,  before going into deep let's learn how to setup your alexa echo dot smartly with expert guide, you may very well need to sit tight a tad for Alexa to return on the web. 

In any case, this ought not transpire all the time, so on the off chance that it tries one of the fixes beneath. 

#2. Unplug the Echo gadget and attachment it back in 

Some of the time a basic restart works wonders! What's more, you won't have to sign in again or anything like that, it's excessively simple. 

#3. Ensure Alexa is as yet associated with the web 

Issues emerge when Alexa loses network to the web. To check: 

Go into the Alexa application 

Tap the burger symbol in the upper left corner 

Tap Settings 

Tap Device Settings 

Tap the Echo keen speaker gadget that is giving you issues 

Check if the gadget is associated with the web (on the off chance that it says "Gadget disconnected" at the top, that implies it's not associated) 

On the off chance that your Echo is disconnected, ensure it's in scope of your wifi switch and have a go at reconnecting to wifi by tapping "Change" to one side of "Wifi Network" 

#4. Approach Alexa to check for a framework update 

Your Alexa gadget ought to download programming refreshes naturally when associated with the web. Yet, on the off chance that you are having issues with Alexa, it's unquestionably worth checking for a framework update. Simply state "Alexa, check for programming refreshes." 

On the off chance that you are experiencing difficulty refreshing your gadget, restart it by unplugging it and connecting it back. 

#5. As a last resort, attempt a full reset of your Echo gadget 

On the off chance that your Echo gadgets stays inert, adhere to Amazon's directions to reset it.